Paintings and pottery works of all the deities & dragons


All the deities and dragons of Japan.

( Deity in Japanese Mythology )

The figure is made in the material by borrowing the form of a picture or a shaped article.

Activity guidance of otherworldy artist HIRO

Live paint "Appear Dragon"

God Dragon's embodiment work

There is a wide variety of acrylic paintings, pencil drawings, pen drawings, ink paintings, digital art, ceramic art objects, paintings, and even hand-painted lamps using water drawing art, gourds, Japanese paper "Washi" and wires.

Making full use of all the materials and techniques, we realize the realization of God Dragon's.

Latest work

Calm down, Lame flame

-King of Dragon GURIKARA-


A masterpiece using a threefold folding style in which canvases of 50 cm x 150 cm on a side are tripled.

Love Rain Love Light

-Cavalry Dragon Bodhisattva-

Acrylic Painting / F20

Golden Cloud Dragon

Acrylic Painting / F20

Votive the work

Flying back with a bursting star

-HOKUTO White Dragon-

Acrylic Painting / F20

Susanoo no Mikoto


Yamata no Orochi

Pencil drawing / B1

Digital art


in Three Rings

Genesis Kitan

-First of all, Intention-

Stage live paint in Vietnam and Donating works

In July 2018, I joined the "Vietnam-Japan Cultural Exchange Festival" held in Da Nang City, Vietnam as a member of a team of artists from Japan.

During the three days, I did live painting on the main stage.

I drew many works in the exhibition booth and gave a presentation to local volunteers as a sign of friendship.


In addition, during the exhibition, I donated my work to Da Nang City Foreign Office Director, Min and received a letter of thanks.

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity in less than 10 months since I started thinking of doing live painting overseas.


In March 2019, I was to present a live painting performance at an event at the University of Don Ah, also Da Nang City, and at the Kannonji Temple Temple Festival, which is an event with tens of thousands of people.

I will introduce the situation to you later.

Donation of works

at the Foreign Affairs Bureau

Donated works

Letter of thanks and

souvenir of donation

Artist introduction

Otherworldy artist HIRO 異界絵師 緋呂


I am active based in Aichi Prefecture and Fukui Prefecture.

A total of 23 exhibitions will be held from July 2018. (Near Nagoya, Osaka, Tokyo, Vietnam)


Favorite things: coffee, creative activities, reading manga


We are uploading to Instagram, such as work images during production.

The first medium to see the work image is Instagram.


In the future, we will be active in Asia, Europe and Russia.